Mission Statement

To be the world’s premier thought leadership, talent management, and innovative technology provider for clients and partners.


Zylog Vision and Values

  • Customers and partners will see us as integral to their success. We will anticipate their needs and deliver on every commitment we make.


  • Consultants, contractors and contingent workforce, will recognize our commitment to the professional community. We will give contractors value and benefits that meet or exceed benefits commonly available to employees to demonstrate how much we value them. We will use technology as a means to improve relationships and communication, rather than create barriers to replace communication.


  • Clients will be rewarded with Top Talent and Innovative Technology. By offering business intelligence, retaining top talent with unique services for the professional community and delivering innovative integration with thought leadership we will empower our clients and partners to achieve aggressive goals in their own respective competitive landscape.


  • Communities regard us as responsible and responsive. We will integrate global and local perspectives, promote sound management of resources, and contribute to a better quality of life.


  • Our own employees will be regarded as emerging leaders and encouraged to excel. We will create an environment that recognizes and rewards creativity, initiative, collaboration, teamwork, integrity, compassion and personal development.

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Thank you for taking your time from your busy schedule to teach and educate us about some of the mistakes we have done in our resume and interviews. I have taken down a few notes on how to improve in interviews and resumes. This class was great and very informative. I hope to attend more classes in the future. This time I will inform more people from my community to attend this informative session. 


As I was updating my resumes and LinkedIn profile and started using Twitter. I started getting many great responses. Your class is a true benefit for me. I feel  more confident in interviews too.