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"Recently, Robert suggested me about Brainhunter.com, I visited the site and found it exciting, Specially the great discounts offers. I registered myself on Brainhunter and also purchased a Dell laptop using the offer code and enjoyed the discount offer. Hope more will be coming on Brainhunter.com and wish a great success. Thanks"
Zubair Khan


"First of all, let me thank you for giving me the opportunity to attend your workshop, “Resume Tips and Job Search Instructions”, held today at Zylog Systems. It was indeed a privilege to attend your session and I really appreciate your astute skill in delivering a wonderful and informative presentation. Though the time allocated was short, the inputs and guidance you gave regarding resume formatting, interview processes, and job search strategies using social networks, were certainly invaluable.

The session was extremely productive and has had a profound influence on my knowledge and understanding of narrowing down one’s job search in a Canadian context. hank you once again and I look forward to attending more workshops from Zylog in future."
Abhilash Abraham


 "During the development period, Zlog was unbelievably fast and responsive to all requests made for enhancements and new features. Normally one waits weeks or months to get something changed within the software, but their completion of a change or enhancement could be measured in a few days and sometimes in a few hours.
Niall Shaw, Director, 2020Adviser


"I have employed Zylog to work on a specific Salesforce.com related project, and on that project I found them to be disciplined and diligent,they produced good quality work, and they delivered within the timeframe."
Walter Rogers, Baker Communications


"Zylog has been a terrific partner. We gave the Zylog team a challenging project will a short deadline and  they came through. They truly care about customer success and ensuring high satisfaction."
Mack Blakely, NESDA Executive Director


"Zylog has been a pleasure to work with. Their employees have bent over backwards to assist us with our needs around Microsoft Dynamics GP and custom programming. They are very responsive for both sales and support assistance – answering questions and solving problems in a matter of hours in most cases. I will continue to utilize Zylog as a first source for all our new special project needs!”
Philip Massey, Massey Consulting Inc


"I am very happy with the prompt services provided by Zylog. The custom web application met the requirements set forth in the contract for a custom web application. C3SD plans on continuing to work with Zylog in the future for custom web development.”
Michael Surmanian,C3 San Diego  


“As a very busy service center, my company was a bit hesitant to spend the time learning how to use the FieldPower system. After using FieldPower, I now have the power to specific the kind of work I want, when I want it and, most importantly, from which manufacturer or TPA. The best part is that I have already received business from this! Within three days of finishing my setup, I received work from Hitachi to fix a plasma display the following week!! This system will be the center of my operations for the future. I strongly recommend this to anyone who needs field service automation – dispatching technicians, including scheduling, workforce management, and mobile connectivity.”
 Leo Cloutier, Electronics Service Centre, Los Angeles, CA


“With FieldPower’s new mobile solution, we can triple our technician to dispatcher ratio, making our people more efficient and saving us significant cost. Right from our operations center, we now have complete control of all that is happening in the field – who is working and what tickets have been completed. We can even reassign work in real time. This tool frees our managers so they can be more productive and our technicians can adopt the handheld units right away because they are so easy to use!”
Ken Lilley, Volt Telecom


“One of the things I like most about the program is that FieldPower will call the customer and remind them of the appointment. This has reduced our customer ‘missed appointments’. I think FieldPower is the way of the future, and the future is getting closer by the minute.”
Mike Pittman, Service Centre Manager


“FieldPower's system is the clear leader in enabling field service organizations to conduct business collaboratively with vendors, partners, and customers over the Internet. This company is the perfect fit - their solution addresses our need to coordinate field service without needless features that will never be used and they deploy quickly and cost effectively. The FieldPower package provides flexibility, functionality and scalability. The open architecture, built on Microsoft's .NET, allowed us to seamlessly integrate FieldPower with our other systems. FieldPower's team is fast and experienced - they used their in-depth knowledge to connect our ticketing system right with the core scheduling functionality, avoiding any need to replace expensive existing systems. What's more, we were all surprised at how quickly we were up and running with FieldPower. The results have been dramatically improved customer satisfaction, retention, and a reduction in operating costs by improving the efficiency of our call center personnel. I recommend this package to any company with a field service presence”
- A Fortune 500 service organization 


“We wish to appreciate the efforts of M/s Zylog Systems Ltd in executing the project “Implementation of Computerized Service Delivery Systems at Transport offices in Karnataka” within the stipulated time which is a record of a sorts, enabling the State of Karnataka to be the first in commencement of issuance of Smart Card based Driving Licence and Registration Certificate in all its 55 Regional Transport Offices.  M/s Zylog Systems Ltd have demonstrated enthusiasm and zeal in executing the project in all the field offices of Transport Department against stiff deadlines and regional operating challenges.”   
 - Mr. Bhaskar Rao, IPS, Commissioner for Transport and Road Safety


The session was extremely productive and has had a profound influence on my knowledge and understanding of narrowing down one’s job search in a Canadian context. Thank you once again and I look forward to attending more workshops from Zylog in future."

Abhilash Abraham

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Thank you for taking your time from your busy schedule to teach and educate us about some of the mistakes we have done in our resume and interviews. I have taken down a few notes on how to improve in interviews and resumes. This class was great and very informative. I hope to attend more classes in the future. This time I will inform more people from my community to attend this informative session. 


As I was updating my resumes and LinkedIn profile and started using Twitter. I started getting many great responses. Your class is a true benefit for me. I feel  more confident in interviews too.