Brainhunter Announces Discounts on Dell Computers with Member Purchase Program

Brainhunter Member Purchase Program provides access to premium and exclusive discount prices, exclusive offers, and financing options on Dell computers and Dell Mobility Products.

The Member Purchase Program unlocks the door to exclusive member offers and savings that are not available anywhere else at Dell, now available at

Zylog is very pleased to offer access to the Dell Member Purchase Program. Register at to gain access to the premium and exclusive membership program that includes Dell’s best prices on consumer PCs, discounts on Dell mobility products, and access to exclusive financing offers.

Brainhunter is a professional social network that combines the familiar friendly profile management of personal social media style with relevant benefits, exclusive corporate discounts, and a daily refreshed list of jobs for consultants, contractors, temporary and full time permanent positions. Social Media just got smarter.

Consultants, contractors, self-employed and unemployed professionals typically do not have access to the same benefits that are available to full-time employees. Some employers have also had to reduce benefits and discounts to employees and contractors due to economic challenges. Zylog recognized this need and created the Brainhunter professional social network to leverage the large number of members to negotiate corporate discounts and special offers on products and services.

Zylog provides professional services, consulting, on-shore and off-shore software development, migration services, and proprietary applications for government, shared services, healthcare, banking and finance, insurance, education, telecommunications, cloud computing, business intelligence, field service management, SAP, Sharepoint, MS Dynamics, testing and quality assurance. Zylog provides highly effective professional staffing, contract management, payroll processing, and managed services, complimented by proprietary vendor management software and state-of-the-art applicant tracking systems and career-sites. The Brainhunter social media site is provided by Zylog to give back to the professional community with access to benefits, discounts, and unique value to consultants, contractors, temporary and permanent employees, and job seekers. Zylog recognizes and appreciates the value of personal relationships and commitment with members of the professional community.


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“When I decided to peruse my Post Certification in Human Resources, Seneca College was my one and only choice. I did not apply anywhere else as Seneca is all I wanted to attend. When I got into the program, I was speechless and was ready to dive into the program. After graduating from Seneca College, I realized how it was the best decision I have ever made in my life. Seneca has helped me grow as a person and helped me build confidence in my skills and expertise. The professionals at Seneca including all the professors have been supportive and guided me to be the best I can! Now, working at Zylog Systems Canada Ltd as a Professional Recruiter, I can share my experience and collaborate my knowledge from my workplace to my education. Both Zylog and Seneca have taught me the same ethics and principles of becoming successful. Thank you Seneca. Thank you Zylog”

-Salina Rajani