Brainhunter Launches Access to Jobs, Discounts, and Benefits for the Professional Community

Brainhunter provides access to a current list of top jobs refreshed daily, combined with special discounts and access to benefits selected for the Professional Community.

Jobs, benefits and exclusive discounts are now available at

Brainhunter combines the familiar friendly profile management of personal social media style with pertinent benefits, exclusive corporate discounts, and a daily refreshed list of jobs for consultants, contractors, temporary and full time positions. Social Media just got smarter.

The Brainhunter professional community empowers members to manage a personal profile, search job opportunities and gain access to special rates on products and services. As the premier staffing and payroll contract management agency, Zylog recognized that many members of the professional community would greatly benefit from discounts on computer products, relocation services, hotels and restaurants. Brainhunter combines access to career advancement with access to discounts in one convenient and friendly setting. 

In addressing the needs of the professional community, Brainhunter also provides access to life insurance, disability insurance, and private health insurance with competitive rates and options from Marsh Canada Limited. This service enables individuals to compare coverage and rates from multiple private insurance providers at one time and through one source.

In 2010, Zylog acquired Brainhunter, combining the global IT consulting and development capabilities of Zylog with Canada’s premier agency for technical staffing, consulting, and engineering. Brainhunter has been transformed into an online community that uses social media, technology, and personal attention to empower consultants, contractors, full-time and temporary employees to maximize individual achievement and satisfaction.


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I would also like to take the opportunity to say how impressed I am with Rob's commitment, and that of your company to this process. I know it hasn't been an easy one, and a lot of companies would have been a lot less accessible, especially the second time around.


We are an expanding company, and I'm sure this relationship will be a long one.


My boss has also mentioned that you guys stand head and shoulders above the crowd and have certainly eased this difficult process.


Thanks to you and your team

-Dave, Venture Steel