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Reorganization, restructuring, and adjustment of talent is an inevitable process for every organization. Sometimes it is necessary to adjust the business and the human capital in response to a changing market, and sometimes it is the natural course of company evolution. Regardless of the circumstances that initiate the need for change, our professionals are ready to assist your valued employees with the necessary steps for transition and soft landing in the next career opportunity.

There are practical, emotional, financial, legal, and strategic business considerations.  

During pre-termination preparation we will work with the legal counsel of your choice for proper documentation.

During the termination process we can assist with management coaching and provide mentoring on how to work with the employees who remain part of the organization. Reorganization introduces impact for the individuals who remain in the business as well as the employees who are terminated. Equal consideration is provided for mentoring on the transition of both those employees who are terminated and those who remain to build your future business.

Post termination, who better than a staffing and consulting placement firm to help find new careers for the outplaced talent?

Zylog provides assistance with resume writing skills, resume reviews, and interview workshops. Our recruiters can provide one-on-one interviews to teach necessary skills for landing the next job, and in the process we evaluate the individual to match capabilities with available jobs in the market.

Resumes can be placed in the state-of-the-art recruiting systems and made available to organizations and associations with matching industry and skill sets.

The best way for a valued employee to recover from outplacement transition is to find a rewarding position and satisfying career path that specifically matches the individual's capabilities. Why go anywhere else than one of the top recruiting firms in the country? We work every day with companies who are seeking talent and matching skill sets, let us match those opportunities to your outplaced individuals, let us coach those individuals to be successful in the interview, and help your valued former employees to move quickly into the next step of the journey in their careers.

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“If I had known Zylog could work miracles like this, I would have jumped at this opportunity a long time ago. I am truly grateful for the creativity and the support of the Zylog team in working with our own team to make this such a success”


-Paul Marshall, Managing Director at Canadian Educational Services