Field Service Management


The Challenge
Assigning work orders to the appropriate field technicians and engineers is the day-to-day challenge faced by field service companies. If mismanaged, it can lead to increased costs and reduced productivity with more time being spent on the road as against fulfilling service orders. Also, optimizing the field service management can lead to minimizing service cost and maximize savings. 

Your company needs a solution that allows you to make easy and effective changes to the schedule depending on order fulfillment during the day for effective resource utilization. If you're still using the same software solution deployed a few years ago — your company is probably not maximizing their field service operation.

 According to Gartner,

  • By 2012, the percentage of technicians with wireless access to a formal packaged field service management (FSM) solution in a large enterprise will increase from 12% to 40%.

  • Vendors will be forced to dramatically expand capabilities in the area of field service analytics to optimize the use of parts and adhere to service-level agreements.

The Goal
The ultimate aim for service management companies is to achieve the most cost-effective, dynamic and profitable service chain management system.

The Solution

FieldPower ( field service management software provides an end to end world class solution for cost effective service management. FieldPower's service dispatch solution schedules multiple mobile workforces by skills, location, sla, and cost. By uniting customer service with field service scheduling and dispatch, field service management becomes one unified solution, empowering you to implement consistent, efficient and sustainable processes for managing your mobile workforce, and demonstrating superior customer service with minimal overhead.

Key Modules:

  • Schedule Optimization
  • Real Time Dispatch
  • Location Based Services
  • Manage Multiple Vendors/Locations
  • Field Service Results Reports, Graphs, Maps
  • Forecasting and Market Analysis
  • Mobile Field Service
  • Back Office Integration with Field Service Software
  • Inventory Management


  • User Friendly,allowing rapid adoption by users 
  • Scalable Architecture / Web based 
  • Route/Service Optimization vis-à-vis Efficiency Savings 
  • Reduced Travel costs 
  • Reduced Overtime  
  • 1st call scheduling based on 9 Variables 
  • Intelligent Monitoring & Management using Analytics 
  • Enhanced a) Cost Savings b) Ratio of Schedulers to Field force c) Customer satisfaction
  • Increased Retention of Service Revenues
  • Prestigious client base


Unparalleled Dedication/Commitment to Industry with 30 years of IT/Product Development experience and Technology market Place by its People, Process and Procedures

  • One Stop Shop - Clearly ZSL's Field Service Management Solution is the most comprehensive solution addressing a variety of needs in Service Management Automation. Being a Global IT Services Provider, integrating with other technology/platforms is a core competency of ZSL.
  • Global Experience with Local Execution: Access to virtually global development workforce capable of ramping up/down seamlessly with rapid application frameworks (RAF). 
  • Pioneers at Best Practices in Field Service Management across various verticals/business domains
  • Rush Hour Algorithm – A proprietary algorithm that allows you to define traffic bottlenecks
  • Intelligent Scheduling & Dispatching (ISD) allows substantial cost savings to be achieved as a result of reduced gas consumption
  • Customer Profiling & Location Based Knowledge – Customer Satisfaction Indexes/ Surveys to perform both intelligent decisions and routing to reduce cost and increase responsiveness and experience
  • High QoS & Low CoS - High Quality & Low Cost of Service Offering through extensive Technology Experience
  • Increasing Ratio of Technicians vs Dispatchers and Decrease the Learning Curve of Dispatchers and Technicians

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Features List

  • Schedule Optimization
  • Real Time Dispatch
  • Location Based Services
  • Manage Multiple Vendors/Locations
  • Field Service Results Reports, Graphs, Maps
  • Forecasting and Market Analysis
  • Back Office Integration
  • Inventory Management