Free SMB Job Board Posting Service


Free Job Board Posting Service

A unique suite of services,
delivered via one central point,
for all your current and ongoing recruiting needs

360° SMB Solution

Brainhunter understands the process of recruitment for many small- and medium-sized businesses can be challenging.

Our service provides a one-stop-shop for every element of the recruitment process, so you can self hire, have a little support where necessary, or trust the whole process to us. It's up to you! 
Free Job Board Posting
Any business with 250 employees or fewer can post all of their internal vacancies, completely free of charge, to the multi-sector job board, Brainhunter

Post your jobs, attract candidate flow and fill your positions at no cost.

Try us! Start using the Free Job Board Posting Service today!

Media Advice
If you need advice on alternative job boards or print media to utilise for individual recruitment campaigns, we can give you all the answers.

Recruitment Solutions
Trust the whole process to Brainhunter and we will get to know your business and requirements, promote your job(s) across our internal and external networks and screen, interview and select candidates for you to channel through your interview process.

360° Large Business Solution
Large business recruitment thinking and strategy needs to be joined up.

Brainhunter provides a total solution incorporating all or a range of the following key elements of modern day recruiting.

The most advanced Applicant Tracking Solution (ATS). 
Media Strategy and Planning
Develop and implement a bespoke on- and off-line media strategy and presence. 

Website Creation and Optimization
Energise and optimise your corporate website recruitment section.

Social and Business Community Resourcing
Embrace emerging digital media resourcing channels, including; LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter etc.

Outsourced Resourcing
24 hour CV mining and resourcing solutions.

Recruitment Solutions
Niche professional recruitment, search and selection


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"First of all, let me thank you for giving me the opportunity to attend your workshop, “Resume Tips and Job Search Instructions”, held today at Zylog Systems. It was indeed a privilege to attend your session and I really appreciate your astute skill in delivering a wonderful and informative presentation. Though the time allocated was short, the inputs and guidance you gave regarding resume formatting, interview processes, and job search strategies using social networks, were certainly invaluable.


The session was extremely productive and has had a profound influence on my knowledge and understanding of narrowing down one’s job search in a Canadian context.


Thank you once again and I look forward to attending more workshops from Zylog in future."

-Abhilash Abraham