HireFlow Payroll Processing

Talent Management HRIS, CRM, and Payroll


Lower your administrative costs and increase operational efficiency with Zylog’s HireFlow® Talent Management HRIS, CRM, and Payroll Service


Zylog’s HireFlow® service provides all-inclusive contract management from start to finish that takes care of your entire contingent workforce lifecycle.  Our HireFlow® service also offers value add to the consultant community with many group benefit packages, next engagement opportunities and discounts to consultants through a Social Media tool that all consultants will gain access to through Zylog.


HireFlow® offers a service to corporations who are finding it increasingly costly and cumbersome to manage contracts, payroll and accounting functions associated with contractors that they engage to supplement their permanent staff.


Some of the highlights in implementing our HireFlow® solution include:

  • Electronic Payroll Management and Consolidated Invoicing
  • Eliminates payroll tax risks of employing Independent contractors
  •  Contract Administration Services customized to your requirements
  •  Provides Liability Insurance of $10M per Contractor, including WSIB
  •  Electronic Document Workflow
  •  Automation and Reduction of Overhead, reducing administrative costs
  •  Social Media Tool, Canadian Hosted Service


What will Zylog’s HireFlow® Program Do For You?


Payroll Management

  • Separation of Payer / Payee relationship, thus mitigating any pseudo-employment issues when engaging all contractor types
  •  Addresses issues of being deemed an employee of the contractor in the eyes of the CRA
  •  On-line collection and verification of timesheets and invoices 
  •  Payment for approved time worked, expenses, and allowances; through direct deposit or printed cheques accommodated to the client’s pay schedule 
  •  Deductions at source and remittances as required
  •  Vacation pay and statutory holidays paid according to the Employment Standards Act
  •  Tax Deductions (write-offs) are protected
  •  Appropriate benefits like CPP and EI are available for non-Incorporated Contractors
  •  Administration of the Garnishee process as required
  •  Issuance of pay slips, annual summaries, T4s and income verification as required


Contract Administration Services

  • Establish valid and approved contracts before contractors arrive at a client’s premises on the first day of work, via www.brainhunter.com, making the contract process fast and efficient
  •  Zylog provides services to its clients through a mutually agreed upon contract using your standard contract or will provide one of its standard contracts for its services to you
  •  Execute security agreements
  •  Execute confidentiality agreements
  •  Execute waivers to Intellectual Property
  •  A dedicated Customer Service Team providing a single point of contact for relationship management with the contractors and contingent workforce
  •  Verify proper contracts are established depending on contractor status and type of associate:


  • Temporary Employee or Contractor
  •  Sole Proprietor
  •  Incorporated Contractor


  •  Assume contractual and payroll arrangements on a go forward basis
  •  Manage contract renewals and rate changes with appropriate notice to line managers in advance of their termination
  •  Ensure that proper termination procedures are followed
  •  Contractors working  through Agencies can also participate in the HireFlow® program
  •  Use of an Electronic Document workflow
  •  Up-to-date contractor and client profiles through the use of a private and secure proprietary CRM


Consolidated Invoicing

  • Consolidated invoicing and reporting by enterprise, PO, division, department and /or project
  •  Management of PO’s for Independent Contractors, Sole Proprietors and Temporary Employees


Government Compliance

Zylog retains legal experts specializing in the legislative and governmental issues pertaining to the use of all contractor types. Zylog is fully compliant with all Canadian (Federal and Provincial) and all US (Federal and State) tax statutes.  We ensure that we are kept completely up to date with any changes in legislation and react swiftly to ensure compliance is maintained among our clients and contractors.


Automation and Reduction of Overhead

  • Zylog’s automated tools and processes such as the on-line consultant portal will streamline your resource acquisition process and contract administration process eliminating, many unnecessary administrative costs
  •  Addresses many legal and operational burdens
  •  Addresses many tax burdens for the client
  •  Addresses benefits and severance pay liabilities



Zylog’s systems provide powerful reporting capabilities pertaining to spending, billing rates, and general use of contractors at your sites and can generate both standard and ad hoc spending reports, rate reports, and contract details for all Contractors.



The full benefits of all Zylog’s insurance policies apply to all contracts administered under Zylog’s HireFlow® program. Zylog maintains a ten (10) million dollar Liability Policy as well as a five (5) million dollar Errors and Omissions policy.



Social Media Tool

Zylog also offers its Consultant Portal located at www.brainhunter.com launched in October 2011.  The Consultant Portal provides the ability for Zylog to deliver a higher level of service for its consultants, job seekers and employees that goes well beyond the typical contractual relationship that is common in the recruiting industry today.


The Consultant Portal is a Canadian Hosted Service that provides private and secure up-to-date contractor and client profiles.


The Consultant Portal offers advanced job search tools, access to competitive insurance plans and group discounts.  The Consultant Portal provides members of the Brainhunter.ca Consultant community with access to applicable enhanced services that include a personal library of contracts, timesheets, expense reports, helpful reminders and reference materials.


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"First of all, let me thank you for giving me the opportunity to attend your workshop, “Resume Tips and Job Search Instructions”, held today at Zylog Systems. It was indeed a privilege to attend your session and I really appreciate your astute skill in delivering a wonderful and informative presentation. Though the time allocated was short, the inputs and guidance you gave regarding resume formatting, interview processes, and job search strategies using social networks, were certainly invaluable.


The session was extremely productive and has had a profound influence on my knowledge and understanding of narrowing down one’s job search in a Canadian context.


Thank you once again and I look forward to attending more workshops from Zylog in future."

-Abhilash Abraham