HireSafe Payroll Processing

Lower your risk, liability, and expense with HireFlow Talent Management HRIS, CRM, and Payroll.

Zylog is a value-added engineering and technology staffing company providing end-to-end recruiting and staffing solutions. We are one of the largest companies on the placement landscape in Canada with many strategic advantages.

What makes us unique? With our end-to-end view of the HR/Recruiting function, we are able to provide our clients with a competitive advantage, resulting in:

  • better quality hires
  • in less time
  • at less cost

We currently service over 350 client organizations - including a number of Fortune 500 and Fortune 1000 companies - across North America and globally.

Zylog's main lines of business include:

  • Contract Staffing & Permanent Staffing
  • Applicant Tracking System (Management of Corporate Career site)
  • HireFlowTM - Administration and Payroll of Independent contractors
  • Vendor Management

HireFlow is a service that Zylog offers to corporations who are finding it increasingly costly and cumbersome to manage payroll accounting functions associated with independent contractors that they engage to supplement permanent staff.

The HireFlow program provides our clients with the appropriate knowledge, processes and infrastructure to properly hire and utilize Contractors or contingent workforce within their in-house teams.

 Our Program will:

  • Protect you from pseudo-employment issues and the improper engagement of independent contractors
  • Provide a single point of contact and coordination for all independent contractors not represented to you through an agency
  • Provide the necessary systems, infrastructure, policies, processes and procedures for the effective management of engagement, accounting and payroll functions for the independent contractor base. This includes all governmental compliance requirements associated with the use of sole-proprietors, partnerships, incorporated entities, garnishee administration and consent judgments

What will Zylog's HireFlow Program Do For You?

1)  Payroll Management

  • Separation of Payer / Payee relationship, thus mitigating any pseudo-employment issues when engaging Independent Contractors
  • Collection and verification of time sheets
  • Payment for approved time worked; through direct deposit or printed cheques
  • Collection, verification and payment of expenses and allowances as required
  • Deductions, at source, and remittances as required
  • Administration of the Garnishee process as required
  • Issuance of pay slips, annual summaries and income verification as required

2)  Consolidated Invoicing

  • Consolidated invoicing and reporting by enterprise, PO, division, department and /or project code
  • Management of Purchase Orders for Independent Contractors

3)  Contract Administration Services

  • Establish valid and approved contracts before contractors arrive at a client's premises on the first day of work
  • Execute security agreements
  • Execute confidentiality agreements
  • Execute waivers to Intellectual Property
  • Manage contract renewals with appropriate notice to line managers in advance of their termination
  • Ensure that proper termination procedures are followed
  • Verify proper contracts are established depending on contractor status (Sole Proprietor, Partnership or Incorporated Entity)

4)  Maintain The Integrity of the Preferred Vendors List

  • Ensure that a manageable number of Vendors / Suppliers is maintained. In the absence of a contract administrator, each independent contractor will have to be set up as a supplier with separate Master Services Contracts
  • Utilize fewer vendors to maintain a streamlined acquisition process and maintain uniform and efficient communication to the contractor base

5)  Government Compliance

  • Zylog retains legal experts specialized in the legislative and governmental issues pertaining to the use of independent contractors. We ensure that we are kept completely up to date with any changes in legislation and react swiftly to ensure compliance is maintained among our clients and contractors

6)  Automation and Reduction of Overhead

  • Zylog's automated tools and processes will streamline your resource acquisition processes and eliminate many unnecessary administrative, legal and operational burdens

7)  Reporting

  • Zylog's systems provide powerful reporting capabilities pertaining to spending, billing rates, and general use of contractors at your sites and can generate both standard and ad hoc spending reports, rate reports, and contract details for Independent Contractors

Contractual Relations
Zylog provides services to its clients through a mutually agreed upon contract. Zylog will use your standard contract or will provide one of its standard contracts for its services to you.

An important benefit in this process is that Zylog will enter into new contracts with the Independent Contractors, thereby assuming contractual and payroll arrangements on a go-forward basis. This will result in the termination of contractual and payroll arrangements between the Independent Contractors and the client from then onwards. This is a critical step in the mitigation of pseudo-employment risks and issues.

In recognition of the origin of business relationships and to preserve the Independent Contractors' rights to work for other clients or use third party agencies, Zylog's agreements may be modified to remove restrictive clauses that may prevent Independent Contractors from working for other clients or through other agencies.

Government Compliance
Zylog is fully compliant with all Canadian (Federal and Provincial) and all US (Federal and State) tax statutes and has passed several audits by CRA pertaining to the use of independent contractors.

The full benefits of all Zylog's insurance policies apply to all contracts administered under Zylog's HireSafe program. Zylog maintains a ten (10) million dollar liability Policy as well as a ten (10) million dollar Errors and Omissions policy.

Zylog will provide HireFlow services at a flat rate or as a percentage of the hourly rate. Zylog is recognized as the premier provider of contract administration services. Direct government costs (i.e. CPP, EI, EHT, WSIB) are additional where applicable.


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“The implementation of the TalentFlow software into our recruiting system has allowed us to streamline our process. This simplified approach to interviewing and hiring candidates has given us the opportunity to offer employment to the top candidates in a timely and efficient fashion.”

-Katie Moran Boccella, M.S., CPT