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How do you keep pace with evolving business needs?

How do you make IT work tangibly for emerging business needs and requirements?

How do you stay empowered to be ahead of the pack?

The answer is with Zylog solutions.

The new next, now.

Zylog’s forte is evolving IT Services and Consulting into business solutions to meet the needs and goals of clients, leveraging accumulated knowledge of subject matter experts and best practices in numerous fields. We empower the businesses in several domains by Integrating our Best Practices in both Business and Technology through our Rapid Application Frameworks and Latest Technologies to create real Solutions. When your business depends on leveraging the right technology at the right budget, Zylog's portfolio of proven applications can take you where you need to go, in budget and on time.

Taking a software solution from concept to reality is a complex and arduous process. At Zylog, we continue to offer value to our customers and market place through value-added Research & Development, Product Engineering, and end-to-end Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solutions from conceptualization, prototyping, development, integration with Enterprise applications, Migration, Porting, Performance Tuning, Application Upgrade, testing and maintenance.

Zylog's business applications are created with leading industry experts and experienced developers to help propel legacy systems and processes to fully leverage the current market technology. Our goal is to help you migrate in the direction of your goals, greater profitability, and market prosperity.


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“FieldPower's system is the clear leader in enabling field service organizations to conduct business collaboratively with vendors, partners, and customers over the Internet. This solution addresses our need to coordinate field service without needless features that will never be used and they deploy quickly and cost effectively.”

-A Fortune 500 service organization