Managed Services

Zylog’s Managed Services offerings represent the creation and management of:

  • Teams of skilled, experienced specialists
  • Performing well-defined tasks on behalf of a client
  • Against agreed-upon Statements of Work (SOWs) and Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

The type of service, mix of skills and experience required, and extent of operational management provided by Zylog, are all determined in cooperation with the client.  The team may work at the customer’s location, at Zylog’s premises, or at another location, depending upon the client’s needs.

Execution of Services – Overview
Every managed service begins with analyzing and defining both the operational and strategic goals for the initiative, and the criteria for success. Zylog managers will work in close collaboration with the client managers to define the following service components:

  • Operational framework.  The facility and infrastructure, and any organizational constraints.
  • Staffing, resourcing, and training plans.  The precise mix of skills and experience required.
  • Growth strategy.  Any anticipated changes in team size and mix.
  • Performance metrics.  The development and optimization of performance measurement processes and metrics.
  • Reporting requirements.  The development, creation and implementation of reporting requirements.

From here, we work with the client to build a Statement of Work which describes the scope and scale of the service, and associated Service Level Agreement which governs the metrics to measure the performance levels to be achieved.  The client chooses its desired degree of involvement in this process. For example, some customers choose to participate in the selection and interviewing process, while others take a more hands-off approach.

Managed Inside Sales (MIS) Service Overview
Managed Inside Sales (MIS) give organizations the ability to reach new and geographically dispersed markets rapidly at a low cost.   Either through outsourcing or “insourcing”, Zylog's MIS allows customers to implement a sales organization with a defined sales methodology eliminating the need for the ramp of an internal inside sales organization. 

Zylog's MIS leverages key sales methodologies such as SPIN and Question Based Selling to produce qualified pipeline for a company’s field sales teams with close rates as high as 30%.   We work with the customer to define their needs and the level of pipeline qualification.  We provide a variety of sales functions.  These include:

  • Account Management
  • Pipeline Generation
  • Campaign Follow up and Lead Nurturing

The common element underlying each of these is pipeline generation.

Customer Value
Managed services have proven to increase profits, productivity, level of quality, business value, business performance and much more. For example, managed services often result in the following customer gains:

  • Increased efficiencies
    • Proven to lower research and development, infrastructure and distribution expenses.
    • Results in reduced spending through economies of scale, resulting in greater competitive advantages.
  • Risk reduction
    • Enables offloading of risks related to running an efficient, effective and reliable group with appropriate technology choices, adequate training and timely maintenance.
  • Cost control
    • Releases capital for investment in other areas and revenue-producing activities.
    • Offsets large infrastructure expenditures.
    • Saves on expensive software, technology and training costs.
  • Increased corporate reach
    • Affords access to world-class capabilities that might otherwise be unavailable or unaffordable.
    • Affords access to a higher level of experience without the hassle or cost of hiring and training new employees.
  • Better investments
    • Enables configuration of a system that suits the company’s precise needs, rather than pre-bundled solutions.
    • Ensures the client pays only for what is truly needs.
  • Improved business focus 
    • Enables the client to focus on the corporate mission.
    • Enables the redirection of financial and intellectual resources previously directed towards support technology infrastructure back to the core business.

Why Zylog?
Zylog has the proven ability to provide high-quality, successful managed services programs. We have continually demonstrated:

  • Integrity
    The foundation for building our credibility and reputation.
    Guides our day-to-day policies, communications and activities.
  • Excellence and Quality
    Drives and distinguishes us in the marketplace from the competition, and sets the standard by which we operate and are measured.
    Directs the development of our employees and partners – the identification, recruitment and retention of the best of the best, highly skilled and talented people.
  • Innovation and Creativity
    Is essential in delivering leading-edge technology systems and solutions, and consequently receiving customer recognition for legendary service.
  • Open Communications
    Guides us as we listen and respond to our customers and employees, providing clear, direct, constructive and frequent communications.
  • Proven Success
    Zylog has proven success in providing managed services.


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"Zylog has been a big asset to our business.Their project managers are very dilgent in providing weekly project status report showing work completed and work pending The developers are very capable and efficient in producing the desired results.It is great to have a partner to work with like Zyog."

-Mike Garey, GT Innovation, Inc.