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Application Migration

Financially and operationally, there is often a compelling argument for the migration of current, established applications to newer, more versatile, feature-rich, and cost-effective operating systems that they were not originally configured to operate on. As operating systems evolve and provide new functions and features that address specific computing and user needs, it becomes more favourable to migrate applications from older or proprietary systems. Migration also results in improved interoperability, reliability and manageability.

Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) may lose significant business if their products are not compatible with their potential clients’ standard operating environment. In addition, a dependency on a limited, dependent and inflexible operating environment is a significant barrier to business.

For a company to sustain its healthy business growth and maintain a competitive edge, it is insufficient for the in-house applications to be just able to handle the company’s current daily business volume. Instead, the applications must be able to scale to meet the company’s future expansion as well as take advantage of the performance and security improvements provided by new technologies.

TrekLogic provides a comprehensive suite of migration service offerings to transition clients’ current applications to a new platform. Our ability to efficiently migrate customers’ applications stems from the use of best practices, processes, methodologies and tools established and refined over many years of successful experience delivering migration projects. Our proven, cost-effective migration processes are designed to reduce risk, cost and time across the entire migration life cycle including assessment and analysis, implementation, QA testing, technical transfer, production deployment and post-migration support.

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  • Pre-Assessment
    The Pre-Assessment Service comprises a high level analysis and initial feasibility study of the application architecture, source code dependencies and build environment, and provides a budgetary scope for the migration of the customer's application to the target operating system.
  • Readiness Assessment
    TrekLogic can help by initially conducting an assessment that determines obstacles to performing a migration, strategies for moving forward and the potential return-on-investment by migrating. 
  • Proof-of-Concept
    A popular follow-up to the Readiness Assessment Service is the Proof of Concept (PoC) service. The PoC is a subset of the Migration Implementation service, with a reduced scope and duration. 
  • Implementation
    This service focuses on implementing the application migration following the approach and methodology defined during the Assessment and/or Proof of Concept stage. 
  • QA Testing
    The QA Testing Service is offered as a follow-on step to the Migration Implementation Service. 
  • Managed Support
    The Managed Administration and Support Services provide ongoing system administration and maintenance activities to manage the health of your servers following production deployment of the migrated systems.

TrekLogic's migration services portfolio includes:

  • Upgrade existing applications from earlier operating systems to current operating environments
  • Migrate existing applications from competitive platforms including:
    • Sun Solaris
    • HP-UX
    • Tru64
    • HP3000
    • MPE/iX
    • IBM AIX
    • IBM AS400
    • Dynix/PTX (IBM - Sequent/Numa-Q)
    • SGI IRIX
    • Data General DG-UX
    • Open VMS
    • IBM MVS
    • IBM VM and 390
    • Linux
    • NCR UNIX
    • Sequent
    • Tandem
    • Microsoft Windows
  • Mainframe application rehosting


Migration is not for everyone. This is why you need an experienced and trusted migration partner to assure the environment will accommodate the change and benefit after the cost savings. In evaluating whether or not the target platform is the correct choice for a given IT environment, we must look beyond the obvious Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) argument.  Some of the factors to consider when determining the most effective target platform are:

  1. Standards Compliance
  2. Common Architectural Model
  3. Virtualization and Consolidation
  4. Developer Leverage
  5. Performance Requirements
  6. Scalability Requirements
  7. Licensing and Support Costs

Some key reasons to migrate are:

  • Significant cost savings (reduced TCO)
  • Significant ROI with a short payback period
  • Reduced operational costs
  • Improved IT productivity and time to market
  • Improved ability to consolidate and virtualize

Best Practices and Methodologies
Zylog has over fifteen years of successful project delivery experience. We pride ourselves on our structured approach and in executing consistent and standardized processes for our migration services delivery using our own proven methodologies or by adopting the methodologies and best practices of our customers.

Typical migration tasks involve:

  • Application source code compatibility analysis
  • 3rd party applications migration / upgrade analysis
  • Development / deployment environment migration
  • Performance and optimization tuning
  • Configuration changes identified
  • Library upgrades
  • Build process and/or directory structures changes
  • Deployment changes
  • Monitoring/instrumentation changes
  • Testing changes
  • Additional Migration Factors

Zylog provides ongoing application support during the QA and UAT testing to ensure the testing process runs smoothly and issues are resolved promptly and efficiently. 

During the Testing Support period, all documentation identified during the Assessment process is updated and Transfer of Information (TOI) sessions are delivered to the application developers. This ensures that they are ready to take on long term support of the application once it is deployed.

Once the Testing has been completed, Zylog will work with the defined Change Control processes to ensure that the application can be deployed as quickly as possible. Zylog can assist with the application deployment process.


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